Thursday, July 28, 2011

Scars on My Face

What would you do if you have scars on your face?

My answer is simple..use Bio Oil..hahahahaha

Yes, Its true i'm using Bio Oil now to reduce scars and uneven skin tone on my face. Actually last time i bought it during my pregnancy, just to reduce a stretch marks. After 1 month using it, I can see my acne scars reduce. Normally i will apply it at night..lalalalala...I like it.. More info click here Bio Oil

 Pic credited to

Testimonial on Loreal Gel Eyeliner

Pic credited to google

Manage to "Paw" my husband for this gorgeous Loreal Waterproof Gel cost only RM41++ after 10% discount..

From my review, yes! this gel eyeliner is working on me. blacky, easy to apply and the most important is its ideal to me. Before, I was allergic to some of eyeliner products. My eyes will turn to red or itchy. Thanks to Lyaasuriany for the good opinions on this product. credited to you dear = )

After more than 8 years using Avon's eyeliner, now, I think its time I should tried others.

My Pic with flash using Loreal..napa muke bercapuk ni??hahaha

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekend @ JJ Bukit Tinggi

Spend my weekend at JJ bukit Tinggi. Just window shopping darls. No budget for shopping, "No salary No Shopping" : P

Survey for Oven 1st. I have planned to make some biscuits for hari raya..ermm what to make huh? any recipes

Trip to Kelantan

On 8th July was my first trip to Kelantan after I bring back Syahir to shah alam on January. I think almost 6 months I haven't spent my time with my parent...hehehe

That was a wonderful moment when I manage to bring my son over there. Ermm...All my family members were very excited with Syahir. Maybe they haven't seen Syahir for quite some time. I guess.

A sweet moment on my birthday

With my nieces and nephews

Pantai Kampung Geting is my Village..nice beach

Say peace Syahir

Friday, July 15, 2011


Sangat bosan kat ofis skang ni..dah tak ramai kawan kat ofis ni (ramai dah resign)..tambah lagi kerja yang dah makin kurang..

Memang tak best wooo kalau tak de kerja nak buat...sabar aje ler. = (

Friday, July 1, 2011

Syahir Dah 9 bulan

Gambar terbaru Syahir..Hari rabu pergi timbang kat klinik 8.5kg..dah semakin susut sbb lately asyik demam, batuk & selsema..kesian anak ibu..

Dah merata bawak Syahir pergi klinik & hospital, Shah Alam tak ok bawak plak pergi Klang..

Dah makin susut, masa ni Syahir baru baik dari sakit mata, dan alergic

: )

Gambar 1 week sebelum sakit, ceria & tembam

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