Thursday, July 28, 2011

Testimonial on Loreal Gel Eyeliner

Pic credited to google

Manage to "Paw" my husband for this gorgeous Loreal Waterproof Gel cost only RM41++ after 10% discount..

From my review, yes! this gel eyeliner is working on me. blacky, easy to apply and the most important is its ideal to me. Before, I was allergic to some of eyeliner products. My eyes will turn to red or itchy. Thanks to Lyaasuriany for the good opinions on this product. credited to you dear = )

After more than 8 years using Avon's eyeliner, now, I think its time I should tried others.

My Pic with flash using Loreal..napa muke bercapuk ni??hahaha


Lyaa Suriany said...

best kan akk
suke sgt2

Cik Puan Nor said... worth it lah..

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