Friday, July 20, 2012

Mekap untuk Kulit Jenis Olive Toned

Nak raya kan? Mesti tengah pikir mekap macam mana yang sesuai. Ari ni Nor nak kongsi skit info yang Nor dapat dari Google ni..Mekap ni hanya untuk orang yang warna kulit jenis Olive tone jer..
pst -----> Nor rasa kulit Nor pun memang dalam kategori ni..hehehe..jom baca lagi info ni..

Olive toned skin comes in a variety of colors from light to dark, but the key characteristic of this family of tones, is a sort of golden appearance to the skin that isn’t too cool nor too warm. Olive toned skin tans easily and can be found in (but not limited to) various ethnicities such as Latina, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and South Asian.
If you have olive toned skin, it is very important to avoid makeup shades that are too cool or too warm. You want something to mimic the neutral tones found in your skin. Bronzers look great to play up this undertone, but make sure the bronzer isn’t too orange. Other colors that look great against olive tones are peaches and purples.
FoundationBecca Cosmetics and Bobbi Brown are two lines that offer a variety foundations and concealers for olive tone skin.
Blushes: (from left) NARS Blushes in Luster, Dolce Vita, and Deep Throat; MAC Blushes in Sweet as Cocoa and Fever.
Eyeshadows: (first row, starting at left) MAC Eyeshadows in Sketch, Omega, Bamboo, Grain, Smut, Mulch, Glamour Check!, Smut, Paradisco (second row, starting at left) Patina, Shadowy Lady, Soba, Sable, Saddle, Mythology Copperplate, Expensive Pink, Girlie (third row, starting at left) Dazzleight, Retrospeck, Bisque, Phloof!, Bold & Brazen, Antiqued, Swiss Chocolate, Coppering, Brown Down (last row, starting at left) Samoa Silk, Romp, Woodwinked, Twinks, Satin Taupe, Corduroy, Creme de Violet, Beauty Marked, and Nocturnelle.
Lips: (first row, starting at left) MAC Lustreglasses in Little VI, Flashmode, and Decorative. MAC Lipsticks in Hang-up, Cyber, New York Apple, Brave Red, Girl About Town, Pomposity. (second row, starting at left) MAC Lustreglasses in Ornamental, Star Nova, and Flusterose. MAC Lipsticks in Dark Side, Up the Amp, Odyssey, Spice it Up!, and Rebel.

So, macam mane? dah paham? sapa yang warne kulit dalam kategori ni...leh ler apply warna mekap kat atas tu on your skin....musti supperbb..selamat mencuba.

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