Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Best Kajal Ever....

OMG!!!..can't wait to have this as one of my eyeliner collections...mmg teruja sangat after baca review pasal kajal ni..

This Kajal is one of the new collection by Lakme..a famous makeup in India..Lakme Black Satin Kajal ni mmg best woooo!!!..**x penah pakai lagi tapi baca review die mmg meletop..x sabar sngt nak dapatkan Kajal ni..kat M'sia ada k? mana nak carik?

Harga die cume RS150 equal to RM10?? mcm x percaya jer Kajal kat India ni murah2 tau..

**pic credited to Lakme

What is it???

Jet black kajal for the blackest black delivery in just one stroke. Draw a sharp, intense line or smudge for a smoky finish. The easy-to-use pencil glides on super soft and smooth, with a glossy finish only satin can provide! Create bold and beautiful eyes with this water resistant formula that keeps color and shine in place without spreading.

**nak tau pasal product Lakme click
**ni plak Review die, click

see..cantik kan model ni pakai Lakme satin Kajal ni..**pic credited to google

Mmg x dinafikan suke sangat tengok eyeliner aka Kajal yg Artis2 Bollywood pakai..mmg cantik giler..Teruja ni..

**will ask My Oversea Project Manager to buy for me once he back to India..pst-->he will back to India very2 soon..

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